Stop Putting Up With Same Old Crappy, Worn Out Fencing

"Bamboo Fencing and Screening Solutions
That Adds Value… Lifts Your Homes Presentation
and Gives You a Dash Of Eye Candy."

Dear weekend warrior, house-proud homeowner, renovator or landscaper,

How much is your homes presentation and resale value worth to you?

Do you dread sitting outside or having friends over because the focal point revolves around that worn out ugly and faded colour bond or rotten timber fence in your front yard…back yard or entertainment area?

And when people ask you about it you shrug it off and reply slightly embarrassed saying "Yeah I’ll get to that one day."

Suppose you could take an easy step and fix that problem for a third of the cost today with an attractive bamboo fence that’s durable… environmentally friendly… easy on the eye and cost effective?

I know you’re thinking why bother?

Well YOU get a new look fence without the new fence cost!

It could take you a while to save and cost you a fortune to replace or figure out just the right look for a new fence. So instead of knocking yourself out about that why not get your new fence RIGHT NOW without the new fence cost using our quality smoked and traditional bamboo fencing, paneling and screening products?

Remember… our smoked bamboo screening panels and fences affix straight onto existing colorbond and timber fences quickly and easily

  • Bamboo panels are flexible and durable
  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • Bamboo panels cover all types of fences, unsightly walls, sheds and pool filter covers
  • Your Bamboo panels come in a attractive smoked finish
  • Your Bamboo panels require almost no maintenance
  • Bamboo also looks great, bamboo panels impresses your friends and family
  • Affixes straight over existing colorbond and timber fences quickly and easily.
  • Delivery anywhere in Australia.
  • Easy fit all situations panel sizes of 1.8 m high x 1.0 m wide
  • Panels can be easily cut to any size either vertical or horizontally

Exclusive: our smoked bamboo panels are of the highest quality and are not available in any hardware store or from any other retailer in Australia each panel is made to our exacting specs and then imported directly by us this gives you maximum value

Ready for an awesome looking hardwearing bamboo fence without the hard work or expense of replacement?

If you’re still a little skeptical and a bit on the conservative side, consider this…

Timber fence replacement. If you replace your existing timber fence with a new timber fence, sooner or later it is going to rot again. Not to mention, the time, money and energy you have to spend to stain or paint it to extend its life to STOP termites eating it.

Colorbond fence replacement If you replace your faded, worn out looking colourbond fence it will cost you ten times more and once again, over time, it will deteriorate.

So it’s wasted money and let’s face it, colourbond fencing is only attractive when it’s new, once the weather gets hold of it, it loses all its appeal and ends up dull and faded.

Transform your yard with bamboo fencing right now – click here for more information about our easy safe secure delivery Australia wide.

Seriously, let the time be right now that you get rid of that old worn out tattered fence and replace it with a unique, environmentally friendly quality Bamboo Panels. You’ll be glad you did!


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    • We were able to transform our our great house into our dream home with Bamboo Screening.

      Since moving to Australia in 2007, we have always wanted to buy our first house and adapt it to the laid-back lifestyle that the Gold Coast is known for.

      Dr Siegfried Perez and Dr Desiree Vanguardia-Perez,
      Southport QLD

      We are delighted with the
      final result!

      I thought I would send off a couple of pictures of the job we just recently completed using the Smoked Jati Bamboo we purchased from you. Needless to say we are delighted.

      Thanks guys for all of your help!

      Mark Overs,
      Mordialloc VIC

    • It looks like a million bucks!

      Thanks for all your help. The front fence and driveway are now all finished and we only need the grass re-done now to have it looking a million bucks.

      Many thanks.

      Kevin Haines,

      We covered our old fence with bamboo screeinng.

      We bought bamboo screening because we needed a new fence and didn’t want to want to rebuild the same type of fence because we would end up with the same problem. Thanks!

      Mr and Mrs Jensen,
      Coffs Harbour NSW

    • We wanted to update our entertainment area without spending too much time or money on it.

      We wanted a simple DIY project where we didn’t have to rely on tradies.

      We couldn’t be happier with the final result.

      Michael and Rebecca
      Sydney NSW

      I wanted to cover up my dodgy old shed without breaking my budget...

      I’m thinking of selling my home soon and I’m very glad to have used such a great product!

      Southport QLD

    • We bought your bamboo screening because we wanted to update the the look of our yard and increase the value of our home.

      To be honest, I hate doing yard work but installing the bamboo screening was very straight forward.

      I like the fact that I could update my old tired fence straight away.

      Peter and Colleen,

      We wanted more privacy because our neighbours can see straight through into our backyard.

      The bamboo screening was a great solution! Thanks,

      Angus and Kate,